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Payment Instructions

Payment can be done using any one of the payment modes mentioned below.
  • Using Payment Gateway of SIU:
  • Please login to above URL and make online payment using payment gateway of SIU through various modes like Net Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card etc payment options. It is not required to update/inform the payment details to Institute, if payment is made by this mode.

  • EFT (Online NEFT / RTGS):
  • Please login to above URL and make payment of fees through EFT (Online NEFT / RTGS).

    You have to ensure that online NEFT/RTGS needs to be executed within 2 calendar days of creating the slip from the portal mentioned above.

    Please note that your transaction will be authenticated on next working day. It is not required to update/inform the payment details to Institute.

  • Demand Draft:
  • A demand draft to be submitted to 'Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune' in favor of "Symbiosis School of Economics, Payable at Pune". If you opt to pay through this mode ensure you write your PRN/ Candidate Registration ID, Name and mobile number on the reverse of the DD (Please note that Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune will not be responsible for late or non-receipt due to postal / courier delays). It is mandatory to update payment details on URL mentioned above (Go to Make Payment menu), in case if the payment is made by Demand Draft. Institute will not be able to authenticate your payment unless these details are updated.

Admission Rules

  1. Every student of this course shall abide by the rules of the Symbiosis International University [SIU]. Any changes made in the rules and regulations from time to time by International University will be applicable when made/modified during the academic year.
  2. Admissions are subject to eligibility clearance from the SIU.
  3. Admission will be confirmed only after payment of prescribed fees. For the subsequent years, students are required to register again as per the schedule declared from time to time by paying the prescribed fees for that year.

Admissions will be cancelled in case of:

  1. Not submitting the required documents in time.
  2. Submission of fake or incorrect documents.
  3. Admission gained through unfair and objectionable practices detected at any stage during the 3-year programme.
  4. Failing to fulfil required eligibility criteria of the programme.

Note: It is the responsibility of the candidates to ascertain whether they possess the requisite qualifications for admission. Having been admitted provisionally does not mean acceptance of eligibility. Final eligibility of admission will be decided by Symbiosis International University.