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Behavioral and Experimental Economics are new exciting fields in the Economics space. Developed countries like the U.K., U.S. and Australia have already started experiencing the benefits of behavioural interventions in public policy schemes related to areas as diverse as retirement planning, unemployment, healthcare, education and promoting charitable behavior. Corporations across the world have begun to use behavioural economics to improve employee productivity and hiring and promotion policies, increase efficiency of marketing strategies and assist investors in optimizing returns on savings.

Behavioral Economics incorporates insights from other social sciences like psychology and sociology to enhance our understanding of how and why individuals make decisions that, from the perspective of standard economic theory, appear irrational. These insights can improve predictions about behaviour and therefore help authorities to nudge people in the desired direction.

Experimental Economics is a widely-used research method to explore the validity of standard economic theories. Results of carefully designed and scientifically conducted experiments has played a critical role in contributing to advancement mainly in development and behavioural economics.

Symbiosis School for Economics (SSE) strives to be at the forefront of empirical and collaborative research with local and national level Government bodies as well as private organizations. As part of our endeavour to achieve this objective SSE has established the Behavioral and Experimental Economics Cell.

The Behavioral and Experimental Economics Cell (BEEC) has been created to provide a platform to faculty and student researchers interested in investigating behavior patterns and decision-making process by conducting experimental & behavioural study. The Centre aims to cater to the needs of students and researchers with respect to understanding concepts of Behavioral and Experimental Economics by organizing workshops as well as to enable researchers to administer experiments through training programmes mainly in laboratory experiments. The Centre also aspires to undertake and collaborate for research projects in the areas of consumer preferences, identity & institutional economics, public policy and development and gender economics.

To ensure that all experiments are conducted as per international standards, the Centre has an Ethical Committee to preapprove all experimental research activity conducted here.