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Equilibria is the annual social and cultural festival of Symbiosis School of Economics. It's a month filled with the magical work of different artists, poets, singers, dancers, you name it and we give a competitive platform for them to display their talents. From the magic of the brush of a painter to the magic in the voices of exquisite singers. From speakers engaging in block and tackles to gamers displaying their gaming capabilities. This diversity of events under this mini fest is brewed by our specialists on the field. Equilibria 22 brings forth the chance to participate in these events and let the world know of your talent and magic that you spread through your craft. The Theme of EQ22 is Experience Magic in the Ordinary.

What is Magic?
Magic is nothing but the ordinary combined with a dash of perspective, a pinch of excitement, and a sprinkle of moments that make it special. It isn't just witches or wizards or spells. It lies in memories, it lies in little things, it lies in us. Watch with glistening eyes, look beyond the literal, and seep in every moment. The show is about to begin..

Magic begins here. Magic begins now. Magic begins with Equilibria.

We are ready. Are you?


EQ22’s Magic is held in 12 phenomenal events:

Beyond D Street
21st March, 2022 (Online)
“The boldest of ideas can champion the greatest of fortunes when under the perils of obsolescence.” The ability to transcend all odds and yet to continue unswayed is what defines the ones who stand out. The only route to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHALLENGE?

Arena: The Gaming Frontier
19th, 20th and 21st March, 2022
Rich Sommer was right when he said, “Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. That’s part of what I love about games, that they are social.” Welcome to “ARENA – The Gaming Frontier”, Equilibria 22’s very own Arcade! We welcome you and your friends to come show your prowess in the battlefields of Battlegrounds Mobile India and Valorant, and test your wits at our in-house IPL Auction event! Meet new people, play your favourite games, and win some AMAZING Prizes! READY TO PLAY?
21st March, 2022
As Rachel Zoe rightly said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Modish is the Fashion Competition of Equilibria ‘22, where you may show off your fervent love of fashion, which may have gone unnoticed owing to your academic routine. Where you will be given the much-deserved limelight and will be able to show off your potential talent for fashion.
The Pictorial
“LET THE PAINT NEVER DRY. LET THE PASSION RUN WILD.” Make it simple and significant. Lose and find yourself at the same time! Equilibria ’22 presents The Pictorial, the Digital art and Painting Competition. It’s a piece of illusion, what you see is not what you see!
In Pursuit of Dispute
19th March, 2022
Leo Buscaglia once said, “The hardest battle you are ever going to fight will be the one with yourself.” We bring this quote to life in a Block and Tackle format of debate where you compete with “yourself”. Here, with just one command from the moderator, you take the long jump and completely shift your stance!
20th March, 2022
“There’s magic in words, and when you string them into a sentence, you create something ethereal.”Equilibria ’22 brings to you EQ ReVerse, a poetry competition with a twist! Interpret a famous poem given to you using magical elements. Wield your magical powers and bring out the poet in you!
20th March. 2022
“What can’t be said, can be written, And what is written shall once be heard!” Equilibria ’22 presents its story writing event – SpellBound! The ability to create, visualize and tell stories is the pinnacle of human evolution. It's what keeps us going!
20th March, 2022
“The stage is your home; the spotlight, your ally!” You have 5 minutes. 5 minutes to move those who hear. 5 minutes to show the world who you are. Soliloquy is the Monologue competition of Equilibria ’22! .Let the characters take over you! We are all ears.
It's a magical journey; One from a blank page to a script, to the screen to a portal into another world." Martini is the Short-film Competition of Equilibria ‘22. So, turn on the lights, pick up your cameras, and get the action rolling! It’s time for the last shot.
Situational Error
21st March, 2022
“The Play is not in words. IT IS IN YOU.” Without an actor, a scene is just a bunch of words. An actor brings it to life, adds a tinge of magic to it, called Improvisation! Situational Error is the Improvisation Competition of Equilibria ‘22. The world’s your stage! Come forth, and showcase what you’ve got!

Enigma -Divided into three individual events, Enigma, The Musical Mystery gives YOU
the chance to showcase the MUSICIAN in you!

a. Singer’s Spell
20th March, 2022
In the words of Dumbledore, “Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic”.Singing is just another form of conveying words with background music. The Singer’s Spell is the Solo Singing Event of Enigma. So, bring forth the magic of your voice and showcase your talent!
b. Musician’s Paradise
20th March, 2022
“Match your friend’s tunes and grab the mic.” When life throws things at you, music softens the blow. Equilibria ’22 brings to you Musicians’ Paradise, a duet singing competition, for you and your musical partner to showcase your music to the world! Find a song and make it yours!
c. Chamber of Artists
21st March, 2022
"In a country full of talented musicians, there are many who don’t get the attention they deserve." Equilibria ’22 brings to you The Chamber of Artists, an original singing competition, where independent musician teams get to showcase their original music and receive the attention it deserves!

Euphoria - Divided into three individual events, Euphoria is EQ22’s dance competition!

a. Trance
21st March, 2022
"A star can never die. It just turns into a smile and melts back into the cosmic music, the dance of life." Equilibria’22 presents Trance, the solo dance competition. Let the blossoms of love beautify your heart. Let the spirit dance with joy. BE STRONG. BE FEARLESS. BE BEAUTIFUL!
b. Level Up
21st March, 2022
"Feel the rhythm. Go with the beat. Get a dance partner and sway on the stage. All eyes are on you!" Level Up is the duet dance competition of Equilibria 22 It is never easy to dance because you need to put all your heart and soul into it. DANCE FROM YOUR HEART AND LET YOUR PASSION SHINE THROUGH.
c. EQ-Miraj
20th March
“Dance is one of the most profound ways of the body-mind connection.” Dance to enjoy being the luxury of you. Feel alive for a little while!We are so fortunate to be living in a time when so many of us can access spaces to portray our skills. Equilibria ’22 brings to you EQ Miraj, a thoughtfully created platform for all aspiring dance teams to compete, contend and celebrate talents like never before!

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