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Economist of the Year

George Bernard Shaw rightly said, “If all economists were laid end to end, they would never reach a conclusion.” And probably never will. Chiefly, this is how most economists work; including us.

Since time immemorial, several individuals have striven to undertake the taxing quest of predicting the ‘future’: scientists, astrologists, numerologists, and fortune-tellers to name a few. However, we economists are no less. We use our models to forecast economic future. Many tried. Many failed. But no one would quit.

Economists romanticise economics to such extent that they learn to live with the messiness it entails, rather they embrace it. They are so multifaceted that they’re hard to classify. Professors, writers, academics, corporate and government advisors, consultants, policy makers, diplomats etc., it just doesn't end. People might call us crazy or troublemakers, but we definitely are the ones who make it.

To prove our mettle, SSE very proudly announces its maiden Economist of The Year competition, where we are given the humble opportunity to stand true to everything we are and everything we hope to be.

This mammoth title is our Triwizard tournament, the most prestigious event of the SSE experience, giving a chance to add a feather in our cap and a tradition to follow for years to come.

But hold on, this title shall not be bestowed unto you at the click of your fingers. You have to earn your way to it.

The competition starts with an elimination round, followed by four other rounds and concluding with a finale. Beginning with the quiz, which shall test your wit along with your general knowledge, we move onto a paper presentation, debate, and finally a conference. All these rounds shall test an umpteen number of skills, including teamwork, confidence and the ability to present oneself.

After toiling your way through, the bests of the best get the honour of heading to the “Finale” i.e. a Panel Discussion (trust us you would want to be there), culminating with the coronation of The Economist of The Year.

Applications are out! So, grab a newspaper, brush up your basics and bring out the best of what you have to offer. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.