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Faculty at SSE are involved in research in various fields. The major research areas that have focused are: Development studies, Urban Development, Rural Development, Sustainable Development goals, policy making, international trade, MSMEs etc. Number of research projects have been successfully carried out by faculty. Over the year, faculty have published their research articles in reputed international journals: more than 50 Scopus indexed journals, 40 book chapters, 2 books and 30 non-indexed journals. Selected publication of Faculty are given below:

Select Publication @ SSE Referred Research Articles:

  • Misra, Shuchi (2021), What’s Ailing Primary Education in Rural India: A Case Study of a Government-run Primary School in Allapur Village, Telangana, Economic & Political Weekly- Engage Article - Vol 56, Issue No.8.
  • Bharati, Shailesh and Rahul Batra (2021) How Misuse of Statistics Can Spread Misinformation a Study of Misrepresentation of COVID-19 Data, International Journal of Modern Agriculture, Volume 10(2).
  • Thadani, Khushbu (2021) Assessing the State of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Programm in Meghalaya: An Exploratory Analysis, International Journal of Modern Agriculture, 10(2), 771 -789
  • Ranjan Kumar Dash (2020), Impact of Remittances on Domestic Investment: A Panel Study of Six South Asian Countries, outh Asia Economic Journal, Vol 21, Issue 1, 2020
  • Chavan M, J Chandiramani, and Nayak S. (2019), Assessing the State Of Physical Infrastructure In Progressive Urbanization Strategy: SAP-LAP, Analysis, Habitat International.
  • Airy A, and J. Chandiramani (2018), Urban Transport Policy in India: A Review, International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management 5 (3-4), 399-414
  • V Kalyan S. (2019) The Fine-print of Education-Employment Linkages, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 54, Issue No. 17
  • V Kalyan S. (2018) Waste Pickers and Right to Waste, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 53, Issue No. 48
  • Dipankar Das (2019), Multilayer of Suppliers Fixed Costs and Spatial Competition in The Upstream Market as a Source of Retailers Buying Power, Studies in Microeconomics.
  • Shrabani Mukherjee (2018), “Technical Efficiency of Agricultural Production in India: Evidence from REDS Survey”, South Asia Economic Journal, Sage Publications.
  • Shrabani Mukherjee (2018) The Income Transition in Rural India: Evidence From Aris/Reds Surveys”, Journal of Economic Development”. The Economic Research Institute of Chung-Ang University (Korea)
  • Amarnath Tripathi (2018), Ensuring MSP to Farmers Are Deficiency Payment an Option? Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 53, Issue No. 51
  • Dash Ranjan (2017), What Drives India's Surge in Service Exports?" The World Economy, Wiley Blackwell, 40(2), pp. 439-461.
  • Abhishek Behl and Abhinav Pal (2016), Analysing the Barriers towards Sustainable Financial Inclusion using Mobile Banking in Rural India, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 9, pp.1-17.
  • Varun Miglani (2016), Data Gap on Contract Farming in India, Artha Vijnana, Vol 58, No 3, pp. 261-266.
  • Krishanu Pradhan (2016) Ricardian Approach to Fiscal Sustainability in India, MARGIN: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, vol. 10(4), pages 499-529.
  • Misra S.B. and Shukla, O.P. (2015) Rural Non-Farm Employment in Maharashtra: Trends and Determinants (1993-94 to 2009-10)", Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Volume 58, Issue 3, pp 405–432.


  • Ramanath Jha and Jyoti Chandiramani (2012), Perspectives in Urban Development: Issues in Infrastructure, Planning and Governance, Capital Publishing Company, New Delhi.
  • Chandiramani, J and Dash, R.K (2020) “Transforming India 2030: Strategies for Sustainable Development Goals, 2019, Capital Publication, (ISBN-978-93-81891- 64-3), New Delhi.

Book Chapters:

  • Shaoo, P and Ranjan Dash (2021), Impact of FPI on Economic Growth: A Study 82 Developing Countries, in (eds) Naoyuki Yoshino, Rajendra N. Paramanik, Anoop S. Kumar “Studies in International Economics and Finance: Essays in Honour of Prof. Bandi Kamaiah, Springer.
  • Mr. Tarun Khandelwal (2019). India Towards a Cashless Economy, In (Eds.) Bhel, A and Sushma Nayak, Maintaining Financial Stability in Times of Risk and Uncertainty, IGI Global.
  • Ghoshal Ishita & Ishita Ghosh (2017) Incentives to Attract Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies: A Causality Analysis for the Indian Case, in (Eds) Outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Emerging Market Economies,
  • Jyoti Chandiramani & Sushma Nayak (2018), Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things for Urban Transportation: A Case of Pune City, Maharashtra, India, in (Eds) Dey Nilanjana Sharvari Tamane, Handbook of Research on Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Cities.
  • Ishita Ghoshal & Ishita Ghosh (2018) Minerals and Fisheries in the Arctic: A Geo- Economic Comparison of India and China in (Eds.) Vasilii Erokhin, Tianming Gao and Xiuhua Zhang ,“Handbook of Research on International Collaboration, Economic Development, and Sustainability in the Arctic”, IGI Global.
  • Jyoti Chandiramani and Patil, Gargi (2018), Crowdfunding: Can It Support Urban Local Bodies in India? In (Eds.) Umar G. Benna and Abubakar U. Benna, Crowdfunding and Sustainable Urban Development in Emerging Economies, IGI Global.
  • Jyoti Chandiramani and Airy Aanchal (2017): “Urbanization and Its Impact on Socio-Economic Growth in South Asia”. In: Urbanization and Its Impact on Socio- Economic Growth in Developing Regions (Edited by: Umar Benna, Indo Benna), IGI Global.

Conference Proceeding:

  • “Transforming India 2030: Strategies for Sustainable Development Goals” conference held at SSE February 2017,
  • “Future of Employment: Challenges and Opportunities (FECO) - conference held at SSE from February 2019, (put the date)