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About EOTY

The Economist of the Year event, hosted by Symbiosis School of Economics, is a prestigious platform that attracts the brightest minds in economics. It offers an immersive educational experience that focuses on practical applications of economic theories in real-world scenarios. Participants in this event not only showcase their depth of knowledge but also demonstrate their prowess in debating and public speaking, essential skills for any economist. The theme for this year's Economist of the Year event is "Isvara: A Solaris Odyssey," which adds an intriguing layer to the competition. Participants are tasked with addressing hypothetical challenges stemming from a Solar Flare, a scenario that requires quick thinking, adaptability, and a strong grasp of economic principles. Through dynamic simulations, contestants engage in practical problem-solving exercises, showcasing their ability to apply economic concepts to complex real-world situations.

The Economist of the Year competition is held in hybrid mode, adding a personal and interactive dimension to the experience. Winners of the event not only receive rewards but also gain recognition as champions in their field, further advancing their careers and academic pursuits.

Overall, the Economist of the Year event serves as a platform for nurturing and recognising the talents of emerging economists. It creates a forum where theoretical knowledge intersects with real-world complexities, offering participants a dynamic and captivating learning experience.


All international and Indian undergraduate students.

Participants should be under the age of 25.

All participants must provide a Government-approved Identity proof (such as Aadhar card, Driving license, PAN card, Passport, etc.) at the time of registration.

Any form of misbehavior, misconduct, or cheating will be considered a serious offense and will result in immediate disqualification. SSE (insert full name of organization) will not entertain any excuses and will deal with such violations strictly.

Participants are responsible for ensuring a stable internet connection. The organizers shall not be held responsible for any technical problems from the end of the contestants.

The decision of the judges and the organizers shall be final and binding, and it will not be up for debate.

SSE holds the right to change the dates of the competition in case of unforeseen circumstances. Participants will be notified of the change accordingly.

SSE reserves the right to edit, abridge, translate, or adapt any of the participants’ submissions.

Registration for this competition grants SSE permission to use personal information for promotional purposes in all media hereafter.


Round 1- Astraeus (29th March 2024)

The first round of Economist of the Year (EOTY) unfolds with a quiz to evaluate candidates' extensive knowledge of many aspects of the economy. This round challenges the participant’s analytical skills and takes a roller coaster ride through the complex field of economics. This round's main highlights involve evaluating the understanding of theoretical knowledge, history, mathematics, economic principles, and many others.

Round 2- The Scorch Trials (5th April 2024)

Understanding the Hypothetical Impact of a Solar Storm: A Case Study.
In this round, we explore the potential impact of a solar storm hitting Earth in 2012. It highlights the need for strategic planning, financial expertise, and policy implementation across industries to mitigate damage. Participants provide funds to industries based on their projected recovery and restoration requirements. They will have to use financial tools to evaluate investment decisions for long-term sustainability and profitability.
Participants were expected to approach this problem statement from the perspective of an economic analyst tasked with understanding the economic ramifications of such a crisis. Participants must analyse and interpret the resulting consequences for their operations, investments, and opportunities for future growth.

Round 3- Conventus (12th April 2024)

In the third round of the competition, the five top-scoring contestants will step onto the stage to present their innovative ideas and solutions to our esteemed panel of judges. Comprising renowned educators and industry leaders, our panel brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table and thought-provoking discussions. After each contestant presents their vision for the future of economics, the jury will deliberate and crown the individual most deserving of the prestigious title "Economist of the Year, 2024". This round marks the pinnacle of the competition, where brilliance meets opportunity, and one individual will emerge victorious, claiming not only the coveted title but also a bundle of prizes.


Quiz Round is eliminatory in nature (Online)

Case Study Round (Online)

Group Discussion (Hybrid)


Symbiosis School of Economics,
Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, 41104

Phone: 020-2567252

E-mail: info.eoty@sse.ac.in

In case of query feel free to contact:
EOTY 24 Head:
- Avi Bhardwaj: +91 70046 25997
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EOTY 24 Deputy Head

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