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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Symbiosis Centre for International Education

Symbiosis Center for International Education (SCIE), is a central department created to cater to the needs of the large number of international students studying at Symbiosis. It fits into Symbiosis’ vision of internationalization and ensures the implementation of this vision by providing a common platform for all international students studying at Symbiosis to voice their administrative, as well as adaptability problems. SCIE also organizes multiple conferences, seminars, and workshops for all students of Symbiosis on the topic of internationalization, and cross-cultural sensitivity.

Initiatives taken at SSE

  • Buddy system for NRI/ Foreign National Students
  • Symbiosis International Students Day
  • Semester Exchange/Semester Abroad/Summer Schools
  • Faculty Exchanges
  • International Collaborations- research, conferences, and publications

Incoming Students to SSE

We also have students who have come from Dauphine University, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Leibniz University and DHBW for a semester and in some cases for two semesters at SSE.