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We, the students of Symbiosis School of Economics, Pune, announced the annual fest and held the events of Equilibria 2023 under the umbrella of the theme: CIRCUS. We held a number of activities and competitions, followed by artists from 15th February to 18th February, 2023. Raval and Bharg set the stage of fire with their power packed performance and it was indeed a once in a lifetime experience for SSE.

EQ had an exciting line-up of 20+ events covering an itinerary of activities and competitions that brought the audience to the edge of their seats. Followed by artists, performers, and a vast array of talent, Equilibria surely kept the spirit of entertainment and circus by making and bringing the MADHOUSE into a reality.

Teams under fest

Our fest involved and engaged a large student volunteer community helped to build a sense of connection and ownership, which encouraged more freshers to participate, enjoy and build fruitful experiences. The department, their responsibilities and learning outcomes are listed below.

1. Content Team:

They created high-quality, engaging write-ups that resonated with the target audience, drove engagement and conversion, and helped achieve the fest's targets. They were prompt on deadlines and encouraged us to start registrations on time. They were responsible to write on the theme of CIRCUS, whether it be through advertising copies of brochures, posts on social media, or other written communication via mail. The team was also responsible for editing and proofreading content to ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency.

Learning outcome: A content volunteer improved their writing and editing skills by working on content for the event, including posts on social media, and printed promotional materials under the guidance of a team who had worked for the primary cause.

2. Creative Team:

This is the design team of EQ’23. They were responsible for creating the visual elements of the event, including logos, flyers, posters, social media graphics, and other promotional materials. Their primary objective was to ensure that all visual materials are cohesive, engaging, and effectively communicated the event's message and brand.

Learning outcome: A creative volunteer can now use advanced design tricks and has the potential to tap into their creativity. This gave them an insight into how their hobby can also become a side business or cater to their internship opportunities.

3. Finance Team:

This team identified all the potential expenses associated with the event, including venue, rental, catering, decorations, transportation, marketing, and staff. They rightly Determined which expenses are essential and which can be reduced or eliminated without affecting the event's success.

Learning outcome: A finance volunteer understands all the formalities and will be proficient in fulfilling the budgeting, filing and coordinating with all financial needs during future events.

4. Hospitality Team:

The hospitality team is responsible for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests as soon as they arrive. This includes greeting guests, providing information about the facility, and helping with registration procedures. EQ offered food and beverage service to artists, and the hospitality team was responsible for taking orders, serving meals and giving a comfortable homely vibe to all dignitaries, artists and performers.

Learning outcome: Students under this team build a positive first impression on students, setting the tone for the rest of the fest. This in real life, assists students in being the driving force, good managers and better understanding organisational structures.

5. IT Team:

Even though we are students of Economics colleges, there are students with a wider horizon, who are ace at coding and built a website for EQ’23.

Learning outcome: Students of the website designing team were responsible for creating content for the website, including text, images, and videos. They ensured that the website was aligned with the Circus theme and was relevant to the target audience.

6. Journalism Team:

This team released daily e-newsletters for the days of events. The newletter was called Trapezette, there was a pre-fest Trapezette- Edition I as well.

Learning outcome: Being economics students, researchers, and aspiring managers, they have gained valuable experience in writing and reporting under time constraints, indicating a good grasp of time management skills.

7. Logistics Team:

The logistics department is responsible for coordinating and managing the various resources and materials required for the event, including transportation, equipment, supplies, and personnel. Proper and effective management of this department ensured the event ran on time and within budget. All the logistical requirements stage set-up costs, stall setup costs, lights sound & communication devices and event decoration, were procured at the lowest rates.

Learning outcome: They know and understand the free market. They are now resourceful individuals who procure of most effective and cost-efficient goods and services.

8. Media Team:

Photography, filmmaking, and videography are important forms of visual communication that document our fest, promote creativity, inform and educate, entertain, and serve as a form of communication, providing an escape from everyday life and the opportunity to experience new and exciting worlds.

Learning outcome: Students learnt advanced photography, filmmaking, and videography’s powerful tools for informing and educating audiences about various subjects, such as social issues, scientific discoveries, and historical events.

9. PR and Marketing Team:

Marketing is essential for college events because it helps to promote and publicize the event to a broader audience. Due to space limitations, we targeted the audience of Symbiosis School of Economics and carried out a focused marketing campaign for the artists through their social media handles. The events were featured under the banner of Unstop, which attracted colleges from across Pune. Marketing also helped in attracting sponsors for the event, which provided financial support.

Learning outcome: The students acquired knowledge in marketing research, advertising, and promotion. Furthermore, they developed the ability to adhere to deadlines and present their content formally on various platforms.

10. Registrations Team:

This team went on the ground and attracted an audience for events held on campus. The team exceeded the expectations and acquired 271 registrations in total for all events.

11. Security Team:

Crowds quickly become unmanageable without proper security measures in place. The Fest security team were responsible for maintaining order and ensuring that the crowd did not become unruly or dangerous. They helped to prevent accidents and injuries by keeping people moving in an orderly fashion and directing them to appropriate areas.

Learning outcome: The students know how to handle real-life events. Protect and create a safe environment for all others.

12. Sponsorship Team:

Companies or organizations sponsored the event by providing funds or resources in exchange for brand exposure and marketing opportunities. This included providing merchandise, offering giveaways, and displaying banners or posters at the event.


  1. Alag Aasman
  2. Street coffee
  3. Mighty crusty pizzeria
  4. Cafe 52
  5. Crazy town
  6. Cafe 6 seasons
  7. Love Momos
  8. The framed wall
  9. Gaming arcade
  10. FC Jeans
  11. Skin care
  12. Wisteria boutique
  13. SI-UK
  14. Maruti
  15. Nexa
  16. Tinder X Yuva