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About EOTY

Economist of the Year (EOTY) is the annual flagship event of SSE and has a demonstrable record of success. EOTY is an educational event that caters to broadening students' understanding of Economics in the real world. A set of competitive events were lined up to judge participants on knowledge and awareness, negotiation skills, debating, and public speaking, essential characteristics of an Economist. It has made an impressive reputation among all the illustrious institutions around India, offering cash prizes, gift vouchers, and certificates in store for the participants who make it to the end.

In the 5th edition of EOTY, we aimed to bring students together from around the globe to a unique platform to showcase their abilities in the three exhilarating rounds of the event, following the theme ‘A WORLD RENEWED’. The event was judged and graced by a panel of eminent academicians from the field of Economics. This year with over 530 participants, 1000 registrations and all of SSE being asked to participate it was the biggest in terms of size of participants. This year EOTY was open to everyone in the world, we managed to get about a dozen registrations from abroad. The competition consisted of four events, where a participant had to use not only their academic intellect but also form solutions using their problem solving ability. The competition is composed of several rounds, each testing wit, teamwork, and cognizance of students and culminates in the Grand Finale, The Panel Discussion, where students become panelists and discuss pertinent socio-economic issues of present times. The victor of this panel discussion is awarded the title of "Economist of The Year". All competitions are judged by an esteemed panel of judges who are stalwarts in their field. Economist of the Year perceives a continuous growth in passion and participation from students all across the country. This year, it gets bigger, better and international!

We at Symbiosis School of Economics strive for excellence and perfection. Our hope is to make this event an attractive opportunity, thus efficiently utilizing your time and resources. Through your resources and our platform, we together will be able to reap the potential of Economist of the Year and make it the grand success that we all envision it to be.

Link to Quiz Platform: https://eoty-2022.netlify.app/

Application Procedure

How to Apply ?

The participants can register themselves through this link https://www.sse.ac.in/eoty-registration. However, we strongly request all the interested candidates to go through the eligibility criteria and general rules once, before registering.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The competition is open to anyone who has completed their high school education and lies between the age of 17 and 25 years (inclusive) as on 28th February 2022.

General Rules (Terms and Conditions):

  • The registrations are opening from 1st February 2022 onwards.
  • Participants are requested to attach their Government of India approved Identity proof.
  • SSE reserves the right to change the dates of the events. If such an incident occurs, participants will be notified about it accordingly.
  • Any sort of misbehavior will not be entertained and will be considered as a serious offense. SSE reserves the right to disqualify such participants immediately. No excuses will be entertained.
  • SSE holds all the rights to edit, adapt, abridge or translate any submission made by the participants.
  • By registering for this competition, the participants are permitting SSE to use their information for any promotional purpose without any additional compensation, in all media now and hereafter.
  • SSE reserves all rights to admission.

Registrations were open from February 10th to 14th March 2022.


Round 1

Quiz Pro Quo
Quiz Pro Quo
We are very proud to say that this year, we created our own quiz platform from scratch with the help of the OrangeYak Co. The platform was clean, user-friendly and looked elegant. There were no complaints about the platform and was appreciated by all participants. The platform hosted 535 participants with no technical problems to ensure a smooth Round 1.

Round 2

Off hand - SSE

Sequentia & Emperio
Sequentia, a paired event wherein each pair was given a situation- a past crisis with a modern twist of which they had to analyze the impact, suggest appropriate measures to mitigate future risks and ensure minimum fallout. The round puts one's logic and knowledge to test as they address real-world challenges. The event necessitates the participant to think outside the box while also employing their imagination and analytical skills.
Emperio on the other hand, is a surprise event every year. For the 5th edition of EOTY, it was a mock Cryptocurrency trading simulation called ENCRYPT. The round was hosted on Roosto, an online trading platform that allowed all participants to trade for 48 hours. Based on the result of both Sequentia and Emperio, 5 participants qualified for the final round of EOTY.
Sequentia Winner: Rahul Batra & Akanksha Narayan (Rs.500 to each)
Emperio Winner: Neha Jain (Rs.1000)

Round 3

Panel Discussion:
In the last leg of the race, the 5 final contestants who emerged from Round 2 was required to showcase their research abilities and presentation skills to a panel of distinguished guests and professionals. They were also tested on their capabilities to apply economic concepts in real life scenarios and innovate upon feasible policy suggestions. The Panel Discussion was the culmination of EOTY 2022 which decided the winner for the event. The topic for this year’s Panel discussion was “ Climate Change: A World Renewed.”

The 3 judges for the final panel were:
1. Asif Raza - NIUA
2. Gurudas Nulkar - SCMHRD
3. Amarnath Tripathi - Sharda University

Date of the Event: 15th March - 31st March 2022

Theme - A World Renewed
Number of Rounds : 3

Head: Dushyant Tak
Deputy Head: Dhruv Wandre
Faculty Incharge: Gargi Patil & Niharika Singh


Top 50

Round One Winner

Quiz Pro Quo Winner

Round Two Winner

      Sequentia Winner

Contact Us

Symbiosis School of Economics

3rd Floor SCHC Building,

Senapati Bapat Road,

Pune - 411004

  1. Head - Dushyant Tak (8588867020)

  2. info.eoty@sse.ac.in

  3. Instagram - @Eoty_22


Qualifiers of Panel Discussion