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Visit to the Reserve Bank of India

Visit to the Reserve Bank of India, 2010

An educational tour to the Reserve Bank of India, the highest monetary authority of the country was organized for the students of Symbiosis School of Economics. In an interactive session, the students had the opportunity to be addressed by Mr. Karunakaran (Economic Policy Department) and the Deputy General Manager Mr. Raghurajan enlightened the students on the functions of the Reserve Bank of India.

The students were also encouraged to express their opinions about policy making and macro- level economic problems. The students were also taken to the Monetary Museum at RBI which had fascinating exhibits displaying the evolution of currency in India over 3000 years. The exhibits ranged from token money in the form of shells, knives, bracelets and seeds to currency from the Victorian era. There was also a section displaying the present coinage and minting of money in India. It enlightened the students about the evolution and historical significance of money.