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Video on Cyberbullying

Video on Cyberbullying

This video is an attempt to find out what people think of cyberbullying and ways to minimize it, so that it acts as a helping hand in fulfilling the vision of Digital India Week.

The report is about the nature and effects of cyber bullying. The world today has made significant advancements in science and technology. The internet is a burning example of it. With this technology it has made communications and accessibility much easier. Internet has caused a new phrase, “The world is a small place”. However there are always two sides of a coin and the internet comes with its flaws and vices as well. Cyber Bullying is one the most prominent vices in the society which has emerged.

As per the legal definition, Cyber bullying are;

  • Actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated and hostile behaviour by an individual or a group that is intended to others
  • Use of communication technologies for intentions of harming other persons

The major threat of cyber bullying is the anonymous identity of the person bullying. Electronic forum lacks regulations. Though regular chat sites are under constant supervision to maintain the decorum of conversations and evict users using offensive language, phone messages can only be viewed by the sender and the receiver. Thus these messages fall outside the purview of regulatory authority.

We can choose our own identity in the virtual world. These people use pseudo names or even worst friends name to spread hateful message. So not only anonymity but also false identity has made the detection of these people very difficult.

What makes these bullyings more prominent is our increasing dependence on for these technologies. We are constantly using our phones, messaging and using our social networking accounts. This makes our very vulnerable to victimization.

The harmful effects are quite devastating. Research has found people having low self esteem, increased frequency of suicidal thoughts, and a variety of emotional responses like anger,frustration,anxiety has now been proven cyber bullying is far more worse than traditional bullying because there is no escape to it.

It is a popular notion that cyber bullying are only related with teenagers and kids. However this phenomenon has engulfed the adults as well, but manifest in a different form. Cyberharassment or more commonly known as cyber stalking takes place in company workplace, product reviews etc.

Common tactics used by them include a variety of forms but are majorly, vandalizing search engine, threatening a victims earnings, position and misuse of administrative powers.