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Poster Making Competition:

Poster Making Competition:

A poster making competition was organized in the college on the Digital India Initiative with the aim of campaigning for the cause of the programme across the social media, web and the college campus. People were asked to make informative posters promoting digital awareness so that the same could be promoted on the identified platforms. The entries were invited in the form any form of creativity (Cartoons, comic strips, quirky slogan) revolving around the bedrock objective and vision of the DIW. Topics like net neutrality, accessibility of internet, net banking, e-commerce websites etc. were suggested to the participants. The following the entries:

The poster making competition was judged by the students of SSE themselves. A google form was sent out to students on October 1st 2015, asking them to judge the entries received according to the criteria previously mentioned. According to the responses received, Anmol Bhotika and Angad Singh Bhandari from the first year got maximum votes (60%) followed by Priyanka Jhunjhunwala, again from a first year who received 14% votes and came second. The results were forwarded to teacher in charge, to be announced by the college.