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Inter-Batch Quiz on IT Awareness

Inter-Batch Quiz on IT Awareness

The inter-batch quiz was organized on the 1st of October 2015, in accordance with the Digital India Week. The quiz had 5 rounds. There were 6 teams. There were 2 teams from BSc. first year and one team each from all the other batches.

The activity was done as a part of our assignment to create awareness among the students of Symbiosis School of Economics. Other groups participated in various seminars and workshops that they held in order to create awareness among the underprivileged and the SSE staff. We took it forward and tried to analyze the awareness among the already fortunate and privileged to ascertain their anxiety to learn more. We not only limited the Quiz to a basic level of awareness, we also included advanced concepts and technical knowledge.

The quiz was created in a way that it would be informative and would provide knowledge to the students. They were not only questioned on their knowledge but also their visual awareness was also judged by means of Audio-Visual rounds.