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A booklet was prepared given the objectives of this activity that contribution doesn’t fades as this innovative comes to an end but remains forever with the one who wishes to learn and pass on the same to others. This shall also solve the problem of reach to some extent as we were constrained by time. The booklet prepared was both pictorial and instructional. Booklet being pictorial enables faster grasping of the contents and as instructions being offered in English and Marathi (local language of Mahrashtra state) containing an elaborative description from hardware to basic software such as Microsoft office, internet, etc. breaks the language barrier which was a major cause of concern to us while thinking of conducting classes personally at NGOs. This booklet was distributed amongst the concerned NGOs and requested to keep it as a manual in their library or book stock so as that its enables their teaching staff to easily explain the functioning of certain software such as Microsoft word, power point, paint etc. and also it shall be available to any concerned student at any point of time. Further assistance could be ensured for their advanced learning on the subject as per children’s performance and enthusiasm.

Microsoft word and power point are two basic workhorse software today in the field of education and hence along with the use of internet a special focus had been paid towards explaining comprehensively each and every tool of both the programs. A special section of useful websites and apps on internet for the purpose of learning, education, research and fun is included in the booklet. They shall serve as ready reference for the children so as that without wasting much time on unauthorized websites and also the misleading ones they can browse the accurate and relevant information they are looking for in minimum time. Namely some of the websites included are Wikipedia for instant knowledge on any topic, YouTube to better understand the process and methodology of any experiment per se and few others which might help the children in their education.