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Parliamentary Style Debate on Awareness and Applications of Social Media

Parliamentary Style Debate on Awareness and Applications of Social Media

A British parliamentary debate was conducted with the help of some of the members of the debating society of SSE. The topic of the debate was: “This house will take into strict consideration the social media appearance for hiring purposes”.  A British parliamentary debate has four teams arguing and competing against each other. There are two teams from side government and two teams from side opposition.

It was an interesting debate where various aspects of the hiring process with respect to digital and social media. The Opening Government, the first team to place their arguments informed the house about how they wish to characterize the motion and talked about the importance of making the system flawless with respect to the aspect of asymmetric information about employees. They said it’s very important to fill up any information void when it comes to a potential employee and this information void may be filled up by studying the social media appearance of a person.

The Opening Opposition stood up to the challenge addressing various issues related to usage of social media usage for hiring purposes. They pointed out various reasons because of which social media cannot be used as an information platform. They said that in a professional organization, it is important to concentrate only on the professional profile of an individual. The personal social media profile of the individual need not be a crucial parameter, as there are many chances of misrepresentation and misjudgment.

The closing government and the closing opposition tried to extend the case further by taking on various aspects of social media like misrepresentation, breach of privacy, subjectivity and relativity of opinion of the employer with respect to any personal profile. There were various important aspects touched upon by the closing half of the debate. Some excellent points of information were raised also clarified by the teams, as it was a well-fought debate where everyone stood up to the challenge.

Final Ranking
1st position – Opening Government ( Shivali,Aishwarya)
2nd position- Opening Opposition ( Shivani,Manjari)
3rd position- Closing Government ( Akalank,Vedika)
4th position –Closing Opposition (Riddho,Sourish)