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Workshop on Statistical Analysis Using R Programming Language

Total duration: 30 hours
Target Audience: All M.Sc. 2nd year students

Why learn R?

R is one of the best data science programming environments. It is not only a programming language but also a data analysis software like SPSS, Stata, SAS etc. It is the best analytical tool for every job and is widely used in industry with ever increasing popularity among academic and business communities.

Topics covered in the workshop:

Of course, we start with the R environment, data types, and R objects. Manipulation of numbers,vectors, matrices and string characters and vectors. R programming constructs, writing your own functions and extending the capabilities of R.

Data Analysis:

Preliminary data visualizations including histograms, boxplots, density plots etc. Summary statistics, correlation, multiple linear regressions - heteroscedasticity, multicollinearity, autocorrelation, model specification error, Panel data analysis, Basic Time series Econometrics (Univariate only)

Report Writing:

Writing through R markdown languages, MathJax for rendering LaTeX and MathML equations.