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SSE MUN 2022 Report

The SSE Model United Nations (MUN) 2022 was organized on the 29th and 30th of April, 2022. It witnessed participation from approximately 60 students from at least 15 different institutions across Pune District.

Objectives of the MUN conference organized:

1. To instill a sense of awareness of global and domestic affairs within the students.

2. To promote diplomacy and healthy discussions to resolve complex issues by fostering cooperation.

To improve public-speaking skills and boost the confidence of the students.

3. To increase the knowledge of international relations and its importance within the students.

4. To promote leadership skills among the students.


The Director, faculty and the delegates delightedly graced the opening ceremony, bringing life back to offline MUNs after at least two years of having online conferences. It was the untiring work of the organizing committee and the secretariat that made the uphill task of organizing an offline MUN a reality. The executive board members conducted the business of the committees exemplarily, complemented equally by fiery speeches and cavernous insights by the delegates. Three committees were simulated at the conference:

1. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC): The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), within the purview of the workings of the United Nations system, works towards strengthening and promoting the protection of human rights around the world. The council's main objective is to address the situations related to human rights violations and make recommendations if need be. At present, the Human Rights Council is made up of 47 United Nations Member-States, which the UN General Assembly internally elects. The agenda of the committee was “Persecution of Minorities in South and South East Asia with Respect to Uyghur Muslims”.

2. United Nations Security Council (UNSC): The United Nations Security Council was established under Article 23 of the UN charter, responsible for overseeing the UN security forces and international peace. The UNSC comprises five permanent and ten non-permanent nation members. It strives to foster international cooperation, peace and security amongst nations. It is the only committee under the UN that has the authority to mandate directives, threaten sanctions, deploy peacekeeping forces and impose diplomatic penalties. The delegates discussed “Preventing Global breaches of peace with special emphasis on Russia-Ukraine conflict."

3. All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM): The All-India Political Parties Meet discussed "Countering insurgency in Kashmir with special emphasis on fake encounters in Jammu and Kashmir." The committee comprised of students representing political party members from all over India.

Ms Shivali Lavale, the chief guest, embellished the closing ceremony. She had an interesting interactive session with all the delegates. The delegates were amazed by her years of experience in international affairs, which was evident during the discussion. Symbiosis Law School bagged the best delegation award. With that, the first edition of the Symbiosis School of Economics - Model United Nations came to an end. Considering the untiring spirit of the organizing committee and the secretariat members, the students and faculty members confidently look forward to an even better and bigger second edition.

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