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EQ Fourm 2020: Body Positivity

A great panel discussion on body positivity and body shaming held on 22nd January 2020 as part of the SSE Social fest. SSE thanks the panelists Dr. Falguni Vasavada, a TEDx Speaker and a Professor and Chair of Strategic Marketing Area at MICA; Amber Qureshi, an entrepreneur and The Plum Tree designer; and Amena Azeez, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger/Body Positive figure @Fashionopolis. Speakers talked about how vital body positivity is for everyone; body-shaming isn't about putting just a plus-size label but also when a person is below or above an average height size, suffers from a scarred face or maybe dark-skinned. They mentioned that a perfect body is a myth, and getting fed with the image of perfection is utterly fake. Body-shaming is bullying, and no one should be a victim of the same. Everyone should love their bodies irrespective of how they look because they'll always be beautiful the way they are. My body, my Rules! Panelists urged the audience to stop being judgemental when you look at others.

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