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Basic Econometrics And Time Series Data Analysis' FDP

Speaker: Dr. Nachane – September 12

Speaker: Dr. Nachane

Dr. Nachane visited SSE in September 2012. He delivered a three-day talk from the 6th to the 8th day of the month on the following topics:

  1. Monetary Policy : An Indian Perspective
  2. Global Crisis, Systemic Risk & Macroprudential Regulation
  3. Methodological Issues in social Science Research

The sessions were hosted in collaboration with Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics. Students and faculty from both, SSE and GIPE, attended the lecture series and had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Nachane at an academic level. Dr. D.M. Nachane - M.Sc. Lecture Series (Part 1 of 3)Dr. D.M. Nachane - M.Sc. Lecture Series (Part 2 of 3) Dr. D.M. Nachane - M.Sc. Lecture Series (Part 3 of 3)