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GUEST LECTURE Mr. Rajesh Panda.

Topic: Cumulative Grade Point Average Speaker: Mr. Rajesh Panda.

On 20th June 2009 Mr. Rajesh Panda, Faculty SIBM, delivered a lecture to the students of Symbiosis School of Economics on the topic ‘Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)’ system of evaluation introduced by Symbiosis International University. The lecture was organized to clarify the doubts of students regarding the CGPA system which is a credit system introduced at SIU. Students are awarded Grade points instead of absolute marks. Every course is allotted a specific number of credits. At the end of the programme, the consolidated mark sheet will carry a CGPA. The CGPA for the programme will be calculated by taking the weighted average of the semester grade points where the total credit for the semester will act as the weight. This Relative Grading in Credit System encourages healthy competition among students and build academic rigor. It becomes easier for comparison of performance across all academic institutions in India and abroad. It facilitates students’ exchange abroad and differentiates the top performers from the free riders.