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GUEST LECTURE Mr. Milind Patwardhan

Topic : Outsourcing in India Speaker : Mr. Milind Patwardhan

Mr. Milind Patwardhan who is the account manager of Geometrics software solutions Ltd, Germany.He has worked with Siemens Information Systems at New Delhi, TATA Motors etc. A graduate in mechanical engineering from the University of Pune. He has also presented a paper at long beach , CA.

The lecture by Mr.Patwardhan was very informative and it dealt with the current scenario worldwide. ‘Outsourcing’ refers to recruiting people from one country to work for a company located elsewhere. This process has been continued for more than a decade, this was the reason why the BPO and KPO was a big hit in India. But due to the current recessionary pressure prevailing in the world economy, the magnitude of outsourcing has been decreasing.
The session was very interactive and participative. Although the students were aware about the topic, the discussion  gave clarity to the students about Outsourcing in India. Mr. Patwardhan was very impressed and he appreciated the participation by the students.