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GUEST LECTURE Dr.Mrs.Shiegeko Mori Asher

Topic : World bank and other regional development bank: its present day relevance Speaker : Dr.Mrs.Shiegeko Mori Asher

As it is known IMF and World Bank along with other regional development bank holds a major stand in the international financial market The World Bank is a bank that provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries for development programs with the stated goal of reducing poverty. A country like India has been able to maintain many times to overcome economic problems thanks to the World Bank. Hence, it is very essential to know them in a better way.

Dr. Asher  started with the basic information about the world bank from its history to condition essential for becoming its member which subsequently led to decision making and funding of the bank. She informed the students some interesting things like how World Bank staffs work on their seven-stage project cycle which is undertaking in order to complete a project, about the international development authority from where India gets fund in the social sector. She ended up explained the meaning of development which has been varying from decade to decade with growth in human social conditions.

It was very encouraging to know as to how one can work in the World Bank in the future and other prospective of Indian development  when she answered some these question from the audience. It was amazing as it was coming from horse’s mouth as she is an ex-employee of the World Bank and Asian development bank.
Being an ex-employee of the World Bank and Asian development bank, she while interacting with the students, in the end, encouraged them to join World Bank or other perspectives of Indian development. Mrs. Mori Asher was very generous to answer the entire question that students wanted to know the answers for.