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GUEST LECTURE Dr Nikhil Agarwal

Topic : Subprime Crisis and its Impact on Indian Economy Speaker : Dr Nikhil Agarwal , Director ,Europe Asia Business School

Dr. Nikhil Agrawal has more than 12 years of teaching and industry experience at various colleges such as SPJIMR University of Cambridge etc. Dr. Agarwal has an M.Phil Technology Policy from the Cambridge –MIT Institute, University of Cambridge, UK; a Doctorate in Management from Institute of Management Technology. As students of economics, our course patterns are closely linked with this word, however, a truth remains for most of us subprime crisis is a confused web of financial hiccups that jolted the US economy.

The great lecture of subprime crisis perhaps straightened the maze in more than one way. We learnt about the general financial structure in the US economy, banking systems, prime subprime lenders, and various types of mortgages. How a series of bad debts led to the collapse of a giant  financial structure and how other economies got pull down in much as well.

The step wise understanding of the whole crisis, that  seem to have a lingering impact of the entire world scenario, greatly widened our outlook regarding the different economic issues resulting as offshoots of it. Dr. Nikhil Agrawal found the students to be very interactive and motivated to know more about the phenomenon and appreciated the same.