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Topic: “Current Scenario of Indian Economy:Challenges and Opportunities” Speaker: Dr. O.P.Shukla November 08

The India Economic scenario has immensely improved over the last few decades. The economic condition of India has been progressing at a massive pace.

The real GDP growth in the country is calculated in the range of 7.5-8.0 percent during the year 2006-07. Presently the Indian Economy is coming across various risks both in the domestic scenario as well as in the international scenario. The global economy suffers from the problem of a record level of international crude oil prices, overall inflationary pressures, and rising international interest rates. In the same direction, the Indian Economy also suffers from the problem of monsoon, infrastructure bottlenecks, and fiscal imbalances.

Dr.O.P.Shukla made aware the students about the current situation of Indian economy. He informed them about both the impressive growth of the economy and the serious problems faced by it in the present day.  The presentation was lucid and comprehensive, using graphs and pictorial representations, which helped the students to understand the issues easily. It was a learning experience to be taught the various factors that characterize our economy and its growth patterns over the years.