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Workshop Mergers and Acquisitions

Workshop on “Mergers and Acquisitions”

On 12th September 2012, Symbiosis School of Economics organized a workshop on mergers and acquisitions for the students. Mr. Sundeep Bedi, Principal Economist of International Asset Management ( an investment company based in Pune) conducted the workshop. Mr. Bedi lectured the budding economists on different topics related to mergers and acquisitions including the differences between a merger and acquisition, horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions, why different organisations go for a merger or acquisition. He also highlighted the ways to leverage HR to make mergers work, by concentrating on factors like retention, communication, and synergy.

Not only did the students find the workshop a learning experience but also were inspired by Mr. Bedi, who has overcome the physical challenge of blindness and has made it big in the investment sector.

It was therefore, an amazing workshop which helped the students to learn a lot about  the various impacts of mergers and acquisitions in the corporate world.