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Workshop on Urban Governance

Workshop on “Urban Governance: Cross Sectoral Issues and Prospects”

On 17th, July 2012 (9.30 am to 5.00 pm) SSE organized a Workshop on “Urban Governance: Cross-Sectoral Issues and Prospects”, jointly with SCAC, at Vishwabhavan Auditorium.

The morning Session had Mrs. Anuradha Yagya (Independent Consultant: Urban and Regional Planning) discussing about the major trends and issues in Urbanization. The post lunch session was divided into two lecture capsules. In the first Ms. Zigisha Mhaskar (Program Manager at CHF International, India) interacted with the participants and  discussed the nature of urban poverty and the visible changes in Government’s handling of slum development issues. In the second, Mr.Appeeji Parasher (Associate Director at CRISIL Risk & Infrastructure Solutions Limited) addressed the audience on issues of Infrastructure and finance in relation to urban governance.

Through the day long workshop, the students were exposed to the various lacunae that ail the system and it was obvious that there is a pressing need for trained urban managers who could address the issues efficiently. The programme ended with launch of a Certificate Course on Urban Governance in India, by SSE.