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Workshop on Writing Skills

Basic Econometrics And Time Series Data Analysis' FDP

Workshop on “Writing Skills” Conducted by: Dr. David Alvarez

If thoughts are too influenced they do so through words; and words that are to stay get inked on paper.

Every time it is said that Economics is a dismal science, the need for this fundamental philosophy to reach its scholars and the benefactors, in a simple, lucid and effective manner, increases.

To master this art of conveying in black and white, Symbiosis School of Economics organised a workshop on the ‘Art of writing’ on 13th Aug’10, presided over by Dr. David Alvarez of University of Depauw (USA). Touching the finer nuances of effective writing, Dr. David guided the students through an interactive session of conveying ideas through words in writing, so that every budding economist turns out to be not just an intellectual but also an inspirational thinker.