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Workshop on Urban Economics

Workshop on “Urban Economics” Conducted by: Mr. Gopal Prasad

On 19th December 2009 a workshop on ‘Urban Economics’ as conducted by Mr. Gopal Prasad at the SSE auditorium. The main theme for the workshop was the human face of urbanization. Mr. Prasad commented on the socio-economic problems that are prevalent today. The Government should give utmost importance to construct policies to fulfill the ‘needs of the poor and weaker sections’.

Urban areas experience housing shortage to a large extent. Slums have become the biggest hurdle in implementing policies of urban area development. Rural-Urban migration is burgeoning and has added to problems in urban areas. Urban Poverty alleviation should be given utmost priority to make the role of cities as ‘Engines of Growth’ fruitful. Sir made the session very lively by displaying data trends on various issues of urban area development.

The workshop was informative and developed a sense of inquisitiveness regarding ‘urban economics’ in the students.