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Workshop by Mrs. Manasi Phadke

Workshop on “Role of Policy Making in India and Recession” Conducted By: Mrs. Manasi Phadke

A workshop on ‘Role of Policy making in India and Recession’ was conducted by Ms. Manasi Phadke for the students at the Symbiosis School of Economics on 30th July 2009. It was a very interactive and informative session where in Mrs. Phadke enlightened the students about the revenue and the expenditure concepts of the Indian Government. She discussed at length the various types of deficits in the Indian Budget and the measures taken by the Government to reduce the extent of a deficit in the Budget through various policies, like the monetary and fiscal policies, deficit financing and external borrowings.

The discussion went on to the current economic scenario, the Global Economic Meltdown, its causes and its effects. Mrs. Phadke in a very subtle manner related the sequence of events that led to the subprime crisis and the World recession. For the beginners, this session on a functioning of the economies based on theories learnt was indeed enlightening.