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Workshop by Mr. Ravi Krishnan

Workshop on “Primer With Stock Markets” Conducted by: Mr. Ravi Krishnan

Mr. Ravi Krishnan is a staff writer for “MINT” and covers the stock markets section in the paper. He has a degree in economics from DelhiUniversity. He has worked in the Economic Times as sub-editor for 2 years and later he went for an MBA from IIFT. As a journalist, he has written on sectors like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, textiles and financial markets.


Stock Markets or equity market is a private or public market for a trading of company stock and derivatives of company stock at an agreed price; these are securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those traded privately.

In his lecture, he spoke about the basic difference between investments and speculation. He started with how a business is initiated and the process of its getting listed on a stock exchange. He illustrated this process with a unique example of a Vada Pav wala who intended to spread his business all over the country and gradually to the international market.

He concluded the session with an entertaining and equally educative “mock stock” game where students got to deal with fake money, share prices, news flashes almost giving it a touch of a real world situation.It was one of the best and the most entertaining seminar conducted in our institute. Mr. Krishnan was fairly impressed with the students and their interest in the topic.