First Conference held at SSE, since its establishment in 2008 on the 17th and 18th of February. Pune is emerging as a  global city. It has attracted professionals, job seekers and students alike. Pre-conference research was conducted on major areas of  Urban concern.National Conference on Urban Policy and Planning: A Case Perspective of Pune (Day 1)

National Conference on Urban Policy and Planning: A Case Perspective of Pune (Day 2)


  • Sustainable city planning
  • Evoking a thought process among the citizens
  • Making citizens and all stakeholder responsible
  • Policy analysis exercise
  • Crystal Gazing into Pune’s Urban setting 2030.


  • Power
  • Water Supply
  • Urban Transportation
  • Road, Traffic and Pedestrian woes
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Land Related Issues and Policies on Real  Estates

Session I: Inaugural Session

  • Overview about Pune’s Growth & Development – Christopher Benninger
  • Reflections On Urban Growth And Governance In India – Dr. Shreekant Gupta

Session II: Sanitation and Waste Management

  • Municipal Solid Waste Management in India – Ms. Almitra Patel
  • Integrating Local Resource in SWM – Lakshmi Narayan
  • Minimizing Wastages in Waste Management – Kishori Gadre

Session III: Roads Traffic and Pedestrian Woes

  • A Unique Solution Where The Pedestrian Is The First  Priority – Mr. Anil Laul
  • How to create a great city? – Ranjit Gadgil
  • Making Pune a Pedestrian-Friendly City – Prashant Inamdar

Session IV: Review of JnNurm Projects in Pune

  • Towards Next Generation JNNURM  – Dr. Ravikant Joshi
  • JNNURM Projects in Pune  – Vishal Jain

Session V: Urban Transportation

  • Urban transport in Pune  – Ashok Srinivas
  • Pune Metro Rail Planning  – V K J Rane

Session VI: Land Related Issues and Policies of Real Estate

  • Dynamic Cities – Need for Integrated Redevelopment  – Mr. Kedar Ghorpade
  • Some Core Issues in Land and Real Estate Development  – Dr. Sebastian Morris
  • Land as a Commodity  – Prof Anita Gokhale Benninger

Session VII: Water Supply 24X7

  • Water Sector Overview  – Abhay Kantak
  • Pune’s Water  Supply  – Vijay Paranjpe

Session VIII: Electricity & Power

  • Electricity & Power  – Mr. Jayant Deo
  • Power Supply In Pune (Present And Future)  – Mr. Nagtilak
  • Mr. Vivek Velankar

Session IX: Crystal Gazing into Pune 2030

  • Dr. Jyoti Chandiramani
  • Prof Ajit Abhyankar
  • Dr. Rohini Sahni