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Annual Fest Laissez Faire

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Annual Fest – Laissez Faire

Symbiosis being an institute that represents the blend of Indian culture, Sanjog is an event that will bring students all across India, their culture and art forms onto the stage as a single event.

This event has multiple art forms performing on stage at the same point of time, for eg:- the events can be drama, painting, sand painting, puppet show, dance, music (live), UV light effect and every art form that is presentable on stage.
All these art forms will be related to a play/story which will be performed at the centre of the stage and all the other art forms will be going on along the story. Each and every category of this art form will be directed in such a way that no single art form grabs the entire attention of the audience or the other art forms linked with the drama.
The Opening event of LF 15 was named NARITVA which was based on the theme women empowerment. The play got overwhelming responses and a standing ovation too.

Laissez Faire