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Ethnic Day

Ethnic Day – 18th September, 2015

With a vast country like ours and an unparalleled diversity, it is only fitting that we celebrate this great nation’s variety in a proper manner. Thus, one of the many traditions at SSE is the ‘Ethnic Day’. It is a day to celebrate our cultural roots and to be proud of our diversity as Indians. The day acts as a reminder of our ethnical individuality, in our fast-paced, busy lives.

This year, the ‘ethnic day’ was observed on the 18th of Sept. 2015. With students flaunting their traditional wear, you could see all of an India under one roof; ‘lungis, dhotis, pathani suits, kutas, gujrati sarees, bengali sarees’. It all started with the lighting of the lamp, followed by the director’s note. The day was filled with performances that showcased the different cultures of India; and a drama about being open minded, by ‘Streetlights’. There was then a short film by the M.Sc. students and a video by the B.Sc. third years showcasing the ethnicity of the Indian culture. From the energetic and roaring songs of Indian rock to the soothing and mesmerising sound of a flute, the auditorium was filled with all kinds of music our country is proud of. To bring about some competitiveness among the students there was the inter-batch dance competition with boys and girls dancing to the tunes of Bollywood and classical Indian songs – songs that make us a proud Indian. The day ended with the prize distribution, but not before the college’s band had performed their hearts out and the crowd cheered with enthusiasm.

Filled with vibrant colours and emotions, the day was one, to truly remember and cherish. SSE is proud of its ethnic day celebrations because they fill one’s heart with pride, for belonging to a land of so many different cultures and so many different people.