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Freshers Induction Programme

Fresher’s Induction Programme 2013-2014

As the juniors and seniors trudged back to college, the freshers (enthusiastic as ever) stood alert in front of the Vishwabhavan waiting to unravel the treasures of the Freshers Week in particular and college in general. The week started with a formal induction where the college was addressed by the Directors of Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts (SSLA), Symbiosis Law School (SLS) and Symbiosis Center for Arts and Commerce (SCAC).

The Director of SCAC , Dr Hrishikesh Soman spoke on the Ramayana. Translating three verses from the Ramayana, he spoke of emotions, the rightful path and the duty- bound path of a student –his responsibilities as a student and a son. The last ten minutes of the session were for question and questions relating to virtues like honesty and success were brought up. Next, the Director of SSLA, Ms Anita Patankar spoke on the lures of advertising and how in today’s day and age one cannot escape it. Subjects like whether life imitates art or vice versa, how advertisements define life styles and the role of the female in the advertisement were discussed. The Director of SLS , Dr Shashikala Gurpur spoke about law and the common man. She drew parallels between economics and law and about how they both lay down a frame work within which mankind must function. With this, Day One came to an end.

The next day went entirely in tedious paper work and admissions. But at day end, the freshers were asked to report at the Vishwabhavan at seven sharp the next morning wearing shoes and a rain coat. Curious as they were, the entire batch gathered right on time the next morning. Once in the bus, they were off to Lavasa. Through the course of the three years we are taught about urbanization and sustainable development and the problems faced during the same. Lavasa is a fine example to understand sustainability and thus, before they started to drink up bookish definitions of these words, they were shown a real life example of such a marvel.

Day four and five were supposed to be mundane days with the students being introduced to the marking systems, the need for uniforms, examination rules, club activities, etc. Basically a lot of jargon. And just when they started to yawn and fall asleep in their seats, their seniors came to the rescue. With loud music, bright lights and a power packed performance. Jaw dropping dance moves and struts, breath taking voices and comic compeering brightened their mood immediately!
And thus came to an end a five day long freshers week. After shedding all their inhibitions and letting their guard down, they finally became a part of the student body of Symbiosis School of Economics!