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Teach for India

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Teach for India

  • There are 320 million children in India. 4% of these children never make it to school (At age three), 42% drop out at the primary level and 90% do not make it to college.
  • All the social evils can be curbed with education, hence there is a need for education today.
  • Vision of Teach for India is that “one day all children will attain an excellent education”. Their mission is “to build a movement of leaders who will eliminate educational inequality in India”.
  • They have 200 Alumni members who have finished their fellowship. They currently have a total of 711 fellows (219 from corporate and more than 300 from colleges).
  • They have their roots in five cities – Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.
  • The Alumni movement is a movement in which the former fellows after completing their two years of fellowship apply their knowhow in their current workplace and try and do something for the education scenario in India like work towards Reduced dropout rates, improve infrastructure, formulate educational policies that support equity, reform the curriculum, etc.
  • Teaching is leadership”. The pillar of leadership includes:

  • Teach for All has 28 countries under its purview, 10,000+ fellows, 20,000+ Alumni and 3 million+ children impacted.


  1. Are we going to teach the same class for two years? (Asked by Karan Lalchandani).
    – Yes, you have to teach the 1st set of children for two years. There is no need to teach in the local language.
  2. Do we get to decide which city we would work in? (Asked by Saumya Tripathi)
    – Yes, the option for your preferences will be given in the application form. Also you will be asked about it in the interview.
  3. Is there a bond for this job? (Asked by Arun Shetty)
    – No, you don’t have to sign any bond for this job as interest can be lost after working for two years. Hence you can pursue any other career after working here.
  4. When do we start working? (Asked by Preeti Jha)
    – The 1st batch starts in the month of May and the 2nd in the month of June. After 5 weeks training, you can start teaching within a week.
  5. What about the language barrier? (Asked by Mahima Choudhary)
    – You have to start from the scratch and talk to them in English and teach them to speak in English as well. Visual communication is the best for children to learn and understand.
  6. Is it a paid fellowship? (Asked by Souradeep Ghosh)
    – Yes, it is a paid fellowship. You will get a monthly stipend of 16000 rupees and HRA of 8000 rupees. Also you will get full reimbursement for classroom expenses and field trips.
  7. Do you teach in new schools or existing schools? (Asked by Manoj Prasad)
    – We don’t start new schools. We teach in schools which are run by Municipal Corporation or low income schools.
  8. Where do you get your funding from? (Asked by Devika Rajeev)
    – We are partners with various companies and they provide us with necessary funds.
  9. When do we come to know that we have been selected? (Asked by Karan Lalchandani)
    – The first round after the application starts in the end of February, so you will come to know about it in February and after this round you will come to know if you are selected or not in the middle of March.
  10. If we are recruited in a school, then are we (fellows) the only one teaching or do the existing teachers also teach?
    – 2 to 3 fellows are placed in one school and they teach the children of one section each for two years and also train the teachers of that particular school.

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