SSE students visit to the Hollywood Gurudwara in MG Road Pune


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Gurudwara Visit

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Gurudwara Visit

The Students of Third Year B.Sc. went on a Visit to The Hollywood Gurudwara in MG Road, Pune Cant. It was the occasion of the Gurta Gaddi Diwas, the day when the Guru Granth Sahib was bestowed with the title of being the eternal and final Sikh guru thus ending the line of Human gurus.

It was indeed an enriching experience for all the students. We all reached there at 7:30 in the morning, and sat in the prayer hall for an hour, meditating in a peaceful environment. After this wonderful experience, we were briefed on the Sikh Faith by members of the Gurudwara Trust. It was a very informative and interesting session. Shortly after, we were given a tour of the Sikh Museum located within the Gurudwara itself. The Museum depicted the complete history of the Sikh Religion, culture and way of life. It also depicted the complete history of Sikhism through the ages, and the stories of all the 10 gurus and their struggles.

After this, we all proceeded to do ‘seva’, which is an integral and important part of the Sikh culture. We were given various activities to do such as cutting of vegetables, providing refreshment and water to the visitors and those visiting the temple, and polishing the shoes of those who visited the temple. Indeed, in this era when all of us carry cell phones and laptops in our hands, it was indeed a refreshing change to cut vegetables and polish shoes instead. All students took part in the ‘seva’ in some way or the other; everyone was completely immersed in working for the society.

It was indeed a beautiful and memorable experience. Ultimately, at the end of the day, all of us went back home with a feeling of satisfaction and mental peace more than anything else. The visit to the Gurudwara showed us the importance of service and how we need to give back to the society, whenever and wherever we can.