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HDFC Bank Mumbai Visit

HDFC Bank Mumbai Visit (30th August 2012)

Visit organised by the college for B.Sc third year and M.Sc second year students in the Foreign Exchange Dealing Room of HDFC Bank, Mumbai branch, was all together a different experience of reality in comparison with the knowledge.

Students got chance to be in the dealing room to explore all the departments of the foreign exchange which include proprietor  trading desk, Currency Risk management desk, money market desk.  The basic software which is used for trading was Bloomberg, Reuters. The best part of the visit was when one of the trader actually placed the order and earned profits in few seconds in front of us.

There is myth among lot many people that for working in the foreign exchange a person needs to have a good knowledge about finance and financial market but after having a conversation with the Mr. Arup Rakshit, Treasury Sales India head, it was interesting to know that learning about market can be mastered only while working and the most important thing which everyone should be equipped with is Economics.

He answered all the students queries related to profit making in the market, algorithmic trading, leaving a comment that he was happy to meet the SSE students who already had so much knowledge about the working of Foreign Exchange market.