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An Insight into London School of Economics with Varun Prajda

An Insight into London School of Economics with Varun Prajda

Students at SSE were recently given a chance to interact with Varun Prajda, currently pursuing his Master’s from the London School of Economics and Political Science. It was an informative experience for the students, especially for those who aspire to pursue higher studies from the UK and from LSE in particular. What was most beneficial to all was the realistic opinion Varun was able to provide on wide ranging issues.

He extensively discussed the procedure, pros and cons of pursuing a PhD from LSE and the difference for those educated in India. Also deliberated were issues regarding the current job market in the UK and regulations and rules for obtaining a Visa. Several courses such as a Post Graduation in Finance from Warwick and a combination of Finance and Economics from the LSE were debated at length. Most of the session was used by students in clarifying doubts on the educational system prevalent in the UK, its differences from those in India and the USA, course structures their requirements and so on. Stress was also laid on how every educational institution believed in and followed its own school of thought in Economics and how this should be kept in mind while applying to a university.

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