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Agriculture Credit and Marketing

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Agriculture Credit and Marketing: Innovative Project On the 14th of September

On the 14th of September, as a part of the innovative project, in Agriculture credit and Marketing, the students of 2nd year, B.Sc had organized a presentation of their projects. The topic of this innovative project was “Innovative Entrepreneurship in agricultural credit and marketing. As a part of this project the students in groups were asked to study the business idea and structure of any one young entrepreneur in the field of agriculture, and present his ideas along with a real life model of his product.

Some of the topics chosen by the students were, Suzlon Energy Ltd, Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company, Aditya Emu Farm, Microfinance Solutions, Rose Farm, Real Juice, Cobra, Zamindari Farm Solutions, Gurbaksh Chahal etc.

The students had made models depicting the farms, various irrigation techniques, microfinance models and how they actually work in the villages.The entire presentation lasted for around four hours, during which some of our faculty members as well as our director Mrs. Jyoti Chandiramani, had a look at the presentations. Maim had a wonderful interactive session with the students regarding their topics as well as their models. The students were marked on basis of their model, knowledge of the topic and presentation skills.

Students were able to get great inputs on presentation skills and model building via this project. Overall it was a great learning experience for the students, as it not only provided them with an opportunity to learn more, but also to apply their creativity to the subject, at the same time making it more interesting.