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Trip to Varasgaon

Trip to Varasgaon On the 18th of August 2010

On the 18th of August 2010, the college had organized a trip to Varasgaon, approximately an hour’s drive from the city. The trip was primarily planned for the inauguration ceremony of the water purifier installed with the contributions made by students ,after an initiative taken by Aman C. & Ravi students of Second Year, led by their class teacher Mrs Jasmeet Kaur.

The timing for the visit to the village could not have proved better, since the hills all around were lush green and as a result of the preceding monsoons provided a picturesque setting to the village. The village temple, like in ancient India continues to be the centre for religious, social, cultural and economic activities. The water purifier was installed and inaugurated in the temple premises by the director, Mrs. Jyoti Chandiramani following which the students were given the opportunity to flavor the working of the agro based village economy which continues to be the backbone of the country today. The students took great interest in understanding the lives of villagers and hardships faced by them in day to day activities. This was followed by an Aarti & a vote of thanks after which the students led by their teachers , Mrs. Pallavi Tak Rai and Ms. Anushree Paul took a stroll around the village to understand them better, before boarding the bus back home.

The students were humbled by how the villager’s all seemed to echo the Sanskrit verse, “Athiti Devo Bhava” in their deeds. What also struck students the most was how fundamental needs and requirements such as access to clean water remains a distant dream in most villages. They returned with a resolve to now work