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    A panel discussion event about the LGBTQ+ community. The basic aim is to raise awareness and sensitise the audience about the hardships one faces as a part of the community.Speakers of the event were:

    Panel discussion at gender cell sse pune

  2. The Gender Cell at SSE initiated "E- CHARCHA"! At the Charcha, the cell ushered the exhibition of thoughts on gender equality through entrepreneurs that have broken gender stereotypes and made their mark while facing numerous challenges and experiencing unity on the forefront.
    Key speakers for the series were: Ms. Vanshika Goenka, founder and CEO of Kool Kanya, Kanika Tekriwal, CEO and Founder of Jet Set Go, Devika Patel, founder & chief strategist of Clarity Business Lab.

    E charcha with Kanika Tekriwal at gender cell
    E-charcha with Vanshika goenka at gender cell
    E-charcha with Devika patel at gender cell

  3. LET’S TALK event:

    A Panel Discussion on Gender Hostility and Mainstreaming Aarushee Shukla, a freelance intersectional gender journalist and Kiran Moghe, a passionate veteran in the field of gender studies.

    Gender Hospitality and Mainstreaming  at gender cell

  4. On the occasion of women's day 2021, the Gender cell brought out GENDER MAGAZINE- "Gender and Society", which is a Gender Cell's student-led initiative to spread awareness about the intersectionality of gender and its repercussions on various strata of society.

  5. In February 2022 another event “LOUD AND QUEER” was arranged which centered on the inclusivity of the LGBTQIA+ community. Plays, songs and quizzes formed the part of this event to make the institution more inclusive and safe for all.

    Loud and queer at gender cell

Gender Cell Student Head:
2019-20: Srishti Singh
2020-21: Jiya Ghosh and Suchika Gupta
2021-22: Soumya Kaushik