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Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture 2020

"Sixth Prof Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture (STML)"

Date : Wednesday the 29th of January, 2020
Time : 11:30 am
Venue : Vishwabhavan Auditorium
Chief Guest Name : Prof Anil Bera, Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Topic : "Bagicha S. Minhas: The Central Person Behind the CES Production Function".

Sixth Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture,
29th January 2020

A most-awaited lecture in Symbiosis School of Economics (SSE) is here! Organized in the memory of one of the great economists of India is the Late Suresh Tendulkar.
Prof. Tendulkar's pioneering contribution was his extensive work on poverty and estimation of people below poverty line (BPL). A committee was formed by government of India in 2005, with Tendulkar as chairman to 'report on methodology of estimation of poverty'. He also served as member of the Reserve Bank of India’s central board of directors. Prof. Tendulkar was known for his extensive work on "Credit and Privatisation policies" and "Indian development issues and policies", including liberalisation and globalisation. He was also a part-time member of the National Statistical Commission (2000–01), the first "Disinvestment Commission" (1996–99), and the Fifth "Central Pay Commission" (1994–97)
Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture (STML) series has been an extremely erudite event for all the learners of economics initiated by Dr. Jyoti Chandiramani, Director of SSE in the year 2014. This year is the Sixth Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture. In the past, Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture series was honoured to receive esteemed speakers such as Mr. Subir V. Gokarn in 2014, Prof Mahendra Dev in 2016, Dr. Bibek Debroy in 2016, Mrs. Girija Srinivasan in 2017 and Prof. Maitreesh Ghatak in 2018.
The guest of honour and key note speaker for Sixth Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture is Prof. Anil Bera. Our valued speaker would address the students, faculty, researchers and audience of Pune on 29th January 2020 in Symbiosis Vishwabhavan at 11.30 am.
Prof. Bera is an econometrician and teaches at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign's Department of Economics. He is most noted for his work with Carlos Jarque on the Jarque–Bera test. Prof. Bera is named to the List of Teachers Rated as Excellent almost every semester he teaches. He received the Economics Graduate Students’ Organization (EGSO) Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching eight times since 1989, the College of Commerce Alumni Association Outstanding Teaching Award for Graduate Teaching in 1991 and Honourable Mention of the Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching in 2005. He has published numerous research papers, books and has also been honoured as a key note speaker for various gatherings as well as conferences.
For more information about Prof. Bera, click on: SSE welcomes and looks forward to receiving all the economics learners all for the Sixth Suresh Tendulkar Memorial Lecture!